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February 22, 2015 at 9:41 PM

Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes


  • Check if page is in dashboard fixed (thanks hissy)
  • Captcha fix in form block (thanks JeRoNZ)
  • Fixed broken page selector dialog (launching the sitemap would be empty)
  • Reset territory list when locale has changed (thanks mlocati)
  • Page caching issue with long file paths (thanks hissy)
  • Link to template list fixed (thanks acliss19xx)
  • File set selection fixed (thanks ojalehto)
  • Exception message fixed while importing page areas with invalid block types (thanks ojalehto)
  • Fixed broken t() usage leaving a stray %s visible (thanks JeRoNZ)
  • Fixed bug happening on block refresh (thanks hissy)
  • Exclude groups in workflow (thanks hissy, jbxonline)
  • Avoid PHP notices in maintenance mode (thanks glukasik)
  • Video block pulls correct height value from attribute
  • Fix display order of aliased pages (thanks hissy)
  • Fix preview of pagelist block (thanks hissy)
  • Fix date format issue (thanks okhayat)
  • Fixed content importer problem happening when two attribute keys with the same handle existed
  • Fixed problem with area permissions (thanks hissy)
  • Problem fixed with languages translating AM/PM (thanks hissy)
  • GIF cropping with imagick fixed (thanks hissy)
  • Escape JavaScript strings (thanks mlocati)
  • Disable members page in case public profiles are disabled
  • Newsflow permission check fixes (thanks hissy)
  • Log fixed when users were deleted (thanks hissy)
  • Update search index on page edit (thanks LyDiaMo)
  • robots.txt changed so google can render pages with all related resources (thanks hissy, dataneger)
  • use file permission constant when caching CSS file


Behavioral Improvements


  • Better check for invalid packages (thanks mattduck)
  • Don’t load background picture if it’s not shown
  • Set width, height and duration attribute for audio und video files (thanks mlocati)
  • Login page cleaned up (thanks mlocati)
  • Add file extension classes to TinyMCE file links (thanks melat0nin)
  • Japanese states added (thanks kanetei)
  • Hide add user button in case of missing rights (thanks glukasik)
  • Prevent avatar images from being permanently cached (thanks glukasik)
  • W3C Validation fix (thanks micrdy)
  • Content importer enhanced to match functionality of 5.7 (thanks hissy)
  • Mobile Detect updated to 2.8.11 (thanks mlocati)
  • Typo in URL in user_register.php fixed (thanks andotake3, ounziw)
  • TinyMCE updated to 3.5.11 (thanks hypocrite)
  • Attach workflows to Task/User/File permissions (thanks hissy)
  • Clear APC cache when concrete5 cache is cleared
  • Repository info added to package.json


Security Fixes


  • XSS in uploader.swf removed (thanks irsdl)
  • Minor XSS in sitename fixed (thanks mazengamal, mnkras)
  • Sanitize function improved (thanks hissy)


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