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BlueSkyData Hosting Plans

BlueSkyData is co owned and operated by FrameIT and MeCount Business Systems

Gold Hosting Plan


Key Features

Diskspace: Managed*
Bandwidth (Traffic): Managed*
Hosted Domains: OK.png = 1
Sub-domains: OK.png = 3
POP3 / IMAP / Webmail accounts:  OK.png = 50
Email Forwarders: OK.png = 50
Auto Responders: OK.png = 50
MySQL Databases: OK.png = 50
FTP Accounts: OK.png = 50
InterWorx Admin Access: OK.png

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Silver Hosting Plan


Key Features

Diskspace: 5GB*
Bandwidth (Traffic): 5GB*
Hosted Domains: OK.png = 2
Sub-domains: OK.png = 2
POP3 / IMAP / Webmail accounts:    OK.png = 5
Email Forwarders: OK.png = 5
Auto Responders: OK.png = 5
MySQL Databases: OK.png = 5
FTP Accounts: OK.png = 5
Direct Admin: OK.png

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Email Hosting

Email Hosting Service

Now you can have your OWN personalised email address when you register your unique domain name and sign up for our Email Hosting plan.

Just sign up for our email hosting HERE, once done we will be in contact with you about your domain name and payment options*.

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Bronzes Hosting Plan


Key Features

Diskspace: 2GB
Bandwidth (Traffic): 2GB
Hosted Domains: OK.png = 1
Sub-domains: NO.png
POP3 / IMAP / Webmail accounts:    OK.png = 2
Email Forwarders: NO.png
Auto Responders: NO.png
MySQL Databases: NO.png
FTP Accounts: OK.png= 2
Direct Admin: NO.png

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